• CAPADIRE in Haïti
    Trainings about telecommunications enable people to act effectively in the initial emergency situation.

  • Our interventions
    Trainings adapted to your requirements, the overall objective being to provide appropriate technical support staff at national and international humanitarian working after a disaster and helping to rebuild.

  • Driving
    To act in the field for both the urgency of the initial situation, and the reconstruction and development in the long run.

CAPADIRE – Capacity Building in Disaster Response

CAPADIRE is a program which provides learning and training activities for agencies in disaster response. To this end, the Bioforce Institute and RedR, two complementary training institutes, have worked together to join their skills and expertise.

It is the following observations that led to the CAPADIRE program : 

  • Very often in disaster response most of the people mobilised are nationals with little or no experience in such activities
  • Delivery is the priority and there is little room (at least in the early stages of a response) for training and support of new staff
  • Classic training programs are not appropriate in disaster response contexts
  • Local actors need support to fully become the force of tomorrow

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